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2014-12-23 19:23:24
Compact beam antennas Series "Robinson"

 Antennas Series "Robinson" -  are original designs of R-QUAD and represent three-element wire beam antenna placed on lightweight and solid base of fiberglass pipes. These antennas have excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics and are suitable for use in the expedition, and at home station.

Small size, weight and windload allow the use of Series "Robinson" beam on simply the mast and rotator. Multi-band antennas Series "Robinson" feeds only by one coaxial cable. All these distinctive features, combined with low cost make the antenna Series "Robinson" is very attractive and can achieve maximum results with minimum funds.


Antennas Series "QUAD"

Antenna choosing - it quite seriously. From the choice of antenna directly depend not only on signal levels (either in transmission and your correspondents in your receiver), and the amount of noise at the input of your receiver, which clearly affects your future success in DX-ing and contesting. By the well-known saying "Antenna - best amplifier" you can add that "no most expensive transceiver will share the benefits and the air that will reward you with an effective directional antenna."

Why do we and many others believe that the antenna "QUAD" have outstanding performance, thanks to which you can get a considerable gain on the amateur bands? For this there are many reasons: high gain, light weight, small turning radius, the best ratio of the radiation front/back and front/side, less QRN (static, industrial noise), better receiving, a low angle of radiation, performance at a lower height, more wide bandwidth, easy to solve the problem of multi-band in one antenna.

Antenna switches R-QUAD
  We offer you a wide range of HF antenna switches. Use of wash tight relays make our switches weatherproof and durable. Light alloy aluminum housings provide a high degree of shielding and protection from interference. Original designs combined with quality components allow us to guarantee high parameters of switches.

Matching transformers

   On some bands R-QUAD antenna have a high input impedance close to 100 Ohms. In this case, the easiest way to matching the vibrator with a 50 Ohm cable is the use of a transformer made of a 75 Ohm cable length with a multiple odd number of quarter wavelengths for the appropriate band. This transformer is connected between the antenna and the 50 Ohm cable.


14 el tribander 
3el on 20m    4el on 15m    7 el on 10m  
Boom Length 9.5m Wind Load 10.8 sqft
Gain 14MHz-6dbd 21MHz-6.3dbd 28MHz-7.4dbd 
Weight 40kg


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